Top Things You Need to Do: Make the Most of New Jersey CE

Everyone loves NYC, but are you giving close neighbor New Jersey a chance to show you around town? Our advice: Eat in NJ and devote most of your sightseeing time to NYC.

New Jersey Atlantic City BoardwalkOur upcoming October CE in New Jersey (say that with an accent, but not in front of a local), will give you the chance to use fun words like ‘borough’ and appreciate this upscale part of the garden state.

After stimulating learning sessions at Anterior Aesthetics: Live in the Op with Dr. Jason Olitsky, you can take your pick of adventurous locations.

New Jersey, New York, and Everything In Between: Who Needs Sleep?

Englewood Cliffs gives you the best of both worlds because it’s very close to Manhattan. You can appreciate all of the fine dining and quaint scenery that Jersey has to offer, and then make your way nine miles to downtown NYC for sightseeing.

Atlantic City and the famous boardwalk are about a two hour drive (varies depending on traffic) and downtown NYC is about thirty minutes away.

CMS loves New Jersey!Gastronomical Garden State Finds

Englewood Cliffs, New Jersey will not disappoint your tastebuds. Here are our favorite restaurants (surgeon general warning: 3 out of 4 are BYOB):

  • Cliff’s Steakhouse: Classic food that’s sure to satisfy.
  • Emma: This is a modern menu for those who like their meals to taste good and function as works of art.
  • Simply Vietnamese: Hands down delicious.
  • Max’s Italian Grill: You can’t do Jersey without a taste of pasta.

The 3 Hour ‘Do It All’ NYC Walking Tour

Strapped for time, but want to say you’ve really seen the city that never sleeps? Here’s a route that will take you to multiple classic sights in a reasonable amount of time. Don’t forget to change into comfortable walking shoes.

You will spend one-and-a-half out of the three hours accumulating steps on your walking app. But by the time you’re done, you will’ve made it all the way to Lower Manhattan and can safely say you’ve earned sitting on the couch for the rest of the week.

This tour takes your through Midtown, which is the New York equivalent of ‘Tourist Land.’ But that’s what you’re here for, right? Let’s get started:

Stop 1: Central Park

A mass of green in the middle of skyscrapers, Central Park is sure to give you a taste of the clashing qualities of the Big Apple. It’s a good introductory sight for the trepidatious traveler. Breathe in the semi-fresh air and admire the local joggers as they pass.

Stop 2: The Plaza

Eloise, tea, and the utmost class. For tea at the plaza, book far (and we do mean far) in advance. Downstairs is a bevy of shops and delicious cafes where you can purchase sustenance for the long walk ahead and take a bathroom break. Across the street is the iconic square glass Apple store.

Stop 3: Times Square

Rockefeller Center is classic NYC and not far from New Jersey.Once you’ve seen it, you never need to see it again. Brave the crowds, the migraine-inducing multicolored adverts, and the cheesy big name brands. Beware the costumed fiends walking around, beckoning to you for a picture. They’re creepy and they’ll expect payment.

Stop 4: Rockefeller Center

30 Rock, anyone? This area is famous for ice skating, the famous skyscraper housing NBC studios, and the giant Christmas Tree that gets put up every year.

Stop 5: Washington Square Park/NYU/Greenwich Village (pronounced Gren-Itch)

This park is small but provides an impressive glimpse of the iconic Square Arch. Snap a pic and buy yourself a purple sweatshirt at a nearby NYU bookstore.

Stop 6: SoHo

Shop ’til you literally drop. This area is known for it’s popular stores and rounds off the tour. Time to catch an uber back to NJ.

New York City is very close to New Jersey.Been There, Done That: NYC for the Advanced Adventurer

If you’ve already been to NYC, but want to keep on chipping away at the constantly changing, ever-entertaining veneer of Manhattan sightseeing, we have 2 quick suggestions:

  1. Spend some time in Brooklyn: This newly gentrified borough is worth a half-day trip on the subway to take in the hipster delights. Enjoy meatballs, artisan chocolate samples, and all the quaint lifestyle shops your heart desires.
  2. Walk around TriBeCa and Queens: Soak in the culture. Alternately old, grungy city-scape and upscale brownstones, these areas are chock full of unexpected beauty and entertainment. Get lost and see what you stumble upon. (Then let us know what you found!)

Part of the fun of CE is meeting new people in new places. We hope you embrace your adventurous spirit with us this October in New Jersey!

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