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Online Course - Dental Photography

Techniques for Exquisite Clinical Photographs.

Want to do more dentistry? Your dental photography skills are critical. Learn from the master in this dental photography course! This online course will help your practice develop and implement clinical intraoral skills.

The Goal of This Course

This online course is a live recording featuring Dr. Lee Gary as he shares secrets for getting stellar photographs. Learn the skills and techniques needed to incorporate photography into your practice. This course shows you how to take and manage high-quality digital photographs for promoting, documenting, evaluating, and communicating the key elements of aesthetic dentistry.

Dr. Gary demonstrates how to use high-impact DSLR video and photography to make emotional connections with patients. Utilize the program to create exquisite images in your dental practice for use in lab communication, patient education, case presentation, marketing, and more.

Course Outcome

During this course, you will learn:

  • Basic photography skills that enable you to manually control the camera in natural light situations
  • The most current techniques in dental photography and lighting that will make your pictures stand out and your dentistry look extraordinary
  • How to get predictable results every time
  • Tips and tricks on utilizing photography for laboratory communication from matching single incisors to full mouth rehabilitation
  • How to integrate DSLR video into presentation and communication with the patient, laboratory, and restorative team
  • Make ordinary people look and feel extraordinary – you will explore different poses, lighting, and props
To say that dental photography has changed my life would be an understatement. It started with a simple desire to better match a single anterior crown and now allows me the ability to do the type of dentistry that changes lives. An added bonus is that I also now have the ability to travel the country, meet amazing dentists that inspire me every single day to be better, and share my story that hopefully brings value to others.
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