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Dental Practice Tips: Using Music to Enhance the Patient Experience

Dental Practice Tips MusicOver the years, Dr. Josh Stelzer has developed a unique approach to creating music playlists for his practice. Though music may seem inconsequential compared to the quality of the dentistry, small positive details can have a powerful impact on a patients experience.

Dental Practice Tip #1: Discover Music You Personally Connect With

Dr. Stelzer’s first tip is to take a moment and consider what you personally enjoy the most about music. If you better understand your own musical preferences, you’ll be able to figure out what draws you to specific types.

“Consider how you personally react to music, such as when you’re in the car on the way to work. The music is pumping. You can feel the beat. You’re jammin’. And your hear the lyrics, “8-6-7-5_____.” Or for the younger generation, you hear, “I gotta feeling, that tonight’s gonna be a _____________” Without hesitation you sing, “3-0-9” or “tonight’s gonna be a good night.” Not only do you sing, you sing as though you’re on stage with Tommy Tutone or The Black Eyed Peas. The song makes you smile. You feel good. You’re present in the moment. Not a care in the world.”

Dental Practice Tip #2: Get Feedback Directly from Your Patients

How often do you take the time to get immediate feedback from your patients about their experience at the office? This is a great way to begin developing a more patient-friendly practice.

“I hear from patients almost daily, “I love the music you play in your office.” Or they’ll ask “What station are you listening to?”  I’ve written down song titles, artists, and even websites/apps. I thought I’d share part of my secret. The secret is simple: Create a playlist with a mix of musical genres. No one wants to hear one genre over and over and over again. Monotony is boring. Whether it’s your favorite type of music or not, a change in tempo brings about a change in beats per minute. Keep your patient musically engaged.”

Dental Practice Tip #3: Think Like a Patient

Dr. Stelzer’s final tip is to think more holistically about the patient’s entire experience.

“A general consensus is that people do not like going to the dentist. We spend so much time talking about the patient experience. We offer coffee, tea, paraffin wax, blankets, pillows, 3D movie glasses, iPads, but these are material/physical goods. They are tangible. They involve a patient’s touch. Most offices overlook the sense of sound. They simply put on “music.” Remember to utilize all five senses.”

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