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A Dental Practice Checklist for the Holidays

Running the business side of your dental practice can be boring and overwhelming around the holidays. You’re understandably somewhat scatterbrained with having to tie up the end of the year while making time for your personal life.

It’s the little things that so often count in the running of a dental practice. How clean are the bathrooms? How chipper and helpful is the receptionist? How recently have the magazines in the waiting room been changed? How modern is the music?

Dental Practice Holidays Checklist We’re here to help with a simple checklist. Besides, you should be able to focus on the exciting parts of the holidays, like making memories with your family and friends. And you definitely don’t want to be woken up in the middle of the night with a gripping panic that you forgot to check on that one loose end…

You can’t get everything right, but you can remember these three things:

A Dentist’s Checklist for the Holidays

1. Change Your Voicemail Message

Part of easing a current patient’s mind or keeping potential patients interested is having a professional, put-together customer service system in place. Make sure your voice mail says you are out of the office. That way, the communication expectations are clear.

2. Shut the Water Off

The last thing you want is a water leak over the holidays. This one’s simple. Set a reminder on your phone and you won’t forget!

3. Turn the Thermostat Up or Down

Adjust the thermostat appropriately to your local environment and turn all the lights off so that you don’t pay for electricity you don’t need. This will cut down on your expenses, especially if you are nervous about extra costs that came up throughout the year.

Most of all, let yourself truly relax in the moment. Enjoy the break and remind yourself how you’ve changed lives through exceptional patient care for 12 long months. 

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