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Build Your Practice: The #1 Myth About Denture Patients

If you’re interested in attracting more denture patients, you’ll need to modernize the way you think about dentures.
by Dr. John Nosti

What is the Myth?

denture patients

Even as a dentist, the first image that comes to mind when you visualize dentures might be a decrepit old man or woman. They wave from a late night infomercial and drop a cheap, unattractive set of chompers into the latest version of dissolved Polident.

Not a pleasant image, but it’s one that is prevalent in our society. It has painted the picture of dentures as something lacking in artistry and generally marketed toward the elderly.

You’re a dentist foremost, but in managing the micro and macro finances of your practice, you’re also a businessperson. To some, low-quality fabrication and an older client base may make dentures seem like a bad investment. From my experience, though, dentures present the opportunity to attract young, highly-motivated new patients.

Denture Dimes: How to Attract New Patients

First of all, “young” can mean a lot of things, but I’ll go with the general definition of under 60. You might even be surprised that there are potential patients out there in their 20s who would benefit from dentures, but don’t realize it;s even an option (or feel too embarrassed or uncomfortable to ask).

In a 2012-2013 survey of denture wearers, researchers found that 86% of the subjects were under 60 years old, and 31% were between 40-50 years old. This should tell you that the reality of dentures is much more positive than the usual assumption.

What Should Be Your Plan Of Action?

When you choose how to market your practice, include denture information that specifically targets the patients you want to reach.

  • Place brochures in your waiting room.
  • Send out emails to patients.
  • Make the information front and center on your website.

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