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Blogging in a Hurry: 2 Quick Start Ideas For Your Dental Practice Blog

Have you felt dread when considering your dental practice blog? Blogging doesn’t have to be that hard or stress-inducing. Here’s why. 

Easier dental bloggingSuccessfully blogging for your dental practice can seem daunting if you’ve gotten out of the habit. You may avoid looking at your blog webpage because the most recent post is dated from months to a year ago.

If this is the case, you might consider hiring a professional freelance writer. But if you have the time and the problem is just that you can’t come up with anything to write about, we’re here to the rescue.

Below are two ideas that will help you get the blogging juices flowing. Remember, a blog under 500 words shouldn’t take you more than an hour to write, edit, and post.

2 Dental Practice Blogging Ideas For the Busy Dentist

1. A Recent Successful Cosmetic Case

Cosmetic cases are an easy ‘sell’ in many ways because of their strong visual components. Use them as mini-advertisements on your blog.

Don’t think too hard about this one. A blog designed for an audience of patients does not need to get into the gory details of the case. Essentially, use this as a chance to show off before and after cosmetic case photos of patients who have given you permission to use their images (or have their identifying features cropped out).

Introduce the patient’s desires, talk briefly about how the case went, and limit yourself to one beautiful pre-op/post-op comparison image. Easy peasy.

2. Why You Love Practicing Dentistry

Write a ‘get to know me’ blog that straddles the line of professionalism and personal anecdote. Pick one thing you really do love about dentistry – the artistry, the technical challenges, the patient interactions, helping people have healthy smiles – and write about it.

Most importantly with blogs, keep it simple. Blogs are not a place for lengthy articles or rambling thoughts. They should be clear, concise, and compelling. Also, always accompany them with at least one high-quality image.

What topics have you written about lately on your dental practice blog? 

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