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Achieving Dream Esthetics with Veneers: A Case Study by Dr. John Nosti

IntroductJohn Nosti - Clinical Facultyion:

Veneers have emerged as a popular cosmetic dentistry solution, allowing patients to achieve their dream smiles. Dr. John Nosti from New Jersey shares an insightful case study that demonstrates the successful transformation of a 50-year-old casino executive’s smile. By employing meticulous planning, collaboration with Gold Dust Dental Lab, and a focus on esthetics, Dr. Nosti achieved outstanding results for his patient.

Patient Background:

The patient, dissatisfied with the size, color, position, and overall appearance of his teeth, approached Dr. Nosti seeking a youthful and energetic smile. Through detailed discussions and thorough photography, the patient expressed his desire for longer teeth, a wider smile, and the closure of spaces.

Treatment Planning Goals:

Dr. Nosti presented the patient with various treatment options, including conservative minimal prep veneers, orthodontics, and bleaching. After careful consideration, the patient opted for conservative preparation veneers to address his concerns. The selected veneers would enhance his smile, close gaps, and align with his desired esthetic outcome.

Lab Collaboration:

Collaborating closely with the dental lab, Dr. Nosti consulted with Rob Maatta at Gold Dust to determine the ideal materials and shades for the veneers. Based on the patient’s needs, a light preparation shade of ND3 was chosen, and after careful discussions, BL4 was selected as the final shade. The team also discussed incisal characteristics, aiming for moderate translucency and anatomic asymmetry to enhance the veneers’ depth.


Using the Variolink Veneer cement in shade 0, Dr. Nosti successfully cemented the veneers, achieving exceptional results. The patient was thrilled with his transformed smile, finally attaining the aesthetic appeal he had always desired.


Dr. Nosti’s case study highlights the transformative power of veneers when combined with meticulous planning and collaboration with a dental lab. By carefully understanding the patient’s goals, selecting the appropriate materials, and implementing an ideal technique, Dr. Nosti achieved remarkable esthetic results. This successful case reinforces the importance of close collaboration between clinicians and dental labs, ultimately leading to patient satisfaction and enhanced smiles.

If you’ve recently encountered an intriguing veneers case, we encourage you to share your experience in the comments below. Together, we can continue exploring the possibilities of achieving dream smiles through cosmetic dentistry.