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What’s Really Happening in the Mouth: The Value of Probiotics

Running out of answers for a patient’s oral health? Probiotics might save you.

Probiotics could be the key to improved oral health.If your patient is a model of perfect dental hygiene and wholly compliant with your health recommendations, but is still suffering from poor oral health, then you may need to look to probiotics for the solution.

Less is More: Why Probiotics May Be Better Than Mouthwash

In an earlier post, I wrote about the importance of ensuring a patient’s oral health as a measure of cosmetic case protection. The success of cases and the confidence of your patients can make a huge difference with word of mouth marketing and patient retention.

Mouthwash can do more harm than good because it removes both the good and the bacteria. A patient who brushes, flosses, and uses mouthwash consistently may be inadvertently making their situation worse.

Improving the oral health of your patients makes good business sense in the short and long run. 

When Are Probiotics Useful?

Many people could benefit from adding bacteria rather than subtracting it. But, of course, it must be the friendly kind!

Probiotics can help patients who easily develop cavities. Sometimes, we have deep suspicions that out patients are misleading us about their habits. They say they haven’t touched a drop of sugar in weeks, yet their mouth is essentially a breeding ground for caries. What’s the deal?

Instead of continuing to believe they’re lying, consider the possibility that they have an overabundance of bad bacteria. It’s the streptococcus bacteria that causes cavities in the presence of sugar.

Similarly, the patient who brushes and flosses like a fiend could have too much of certain harmful bacterias waging war in their mouth. Their plaque indices are down yet their periodontal health is in the drain because of it. Probiotics are a conservative approach to resolving this frustrating problem.

Probiotics are live microorganisms that have been said to create health benefits in everything from decreased hypertension to overall GI health. I’ve found a good formulation to be the EvoraPlus® System of oral care products. It has a blend of beneficial bacteria that are found in naturally healthy human mouths. 

One thing is clear, patients who choose extensive treatments such as implants or veneers want to protect their investment. Probiotic therapy is another defensive practice they can implement easily into their healthcare regimen.

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