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The Unexpected Weapon You Need to Know for Cosmetic Case Protection

When all other cosmetic case protection methods fail.What do you do when all other cosmetic case protection methods have failed? 

Oral health is the foundation of everything we strive for as dentists. We may have to fight (especially in light of recent articles) to convince patients and the general public that current regimens like flossing are legitimate. But what if a patient brushes, flosses, uses top-of-the-line automated tooth brushes, and more, yet they still experience poor oral health?

The solution could be as simple as a daily probiotic.

Why We Should Commit to Cosmetic Case Protection

Cosmetic case protection is crucial.We have a significant investment in whether or not a cosmetic case is durable. Successful cases prove our value as dentists, demonstrate our skills to patients, and can result in good word of mouth marketing for our practice.

Because of this, it’s best to eliminate as many factors as possible that can contribute to the failure of a case. If oral health is a problem for a perfectly compliant patient, we might need to consider alternative options.

How Chemical Warfare Could Be Sabotaging Cosmetic Case Protection

The secret weapon for cosmetic case protection.The problem with bacterial removal like mouth washes is that they kill both the good and the bad types of bacteria. You’ve probably heard about this problem in relation to the gut, but what about the mouth? If good bacteria levels fall too low, then bad bacteria has an easier time taking over. It’s a microscopic war for territory.

We’ll only be able to win this war if we flip the balance of power in the good bacteria’s favor again. Look for my next cosmetic case protection blog, where I’ll delve into the particulars of useful probiotics and their value to oral health.

What do you recommend to your patients when most other oral health options have run out? We’d love to hear from you in the comments!