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Using QuickSplint Yet?

by Dr. Lee Ann BradyLee_bio133

Now that I have Quicksplint’s in the office I am not sure how I practiced before them. A QuickSplint is a plastic shell designed by Dr. Brad Eli, that fits over the anterior teeth from canine to canine and is customized using heavy body tray impression material to create an instant temporary anterior only appliance. My first thought was to use them for acute pain patient’s who get some relief on a lucia jig. I could send them home with an Quicksplint appliance immediately without the need to take an impression, and without the worry of giving them something lacking in retention that they could swallow or aspirate, as they are highly retentive. As I began using them I found more and more clinical applications for appliance therapy. One is as an easy inexpensive way to help patients experience that they grind or clench, and the value of an occlusal appliance, immediately after endo therapy to avoid having to cut down the occlusion on the tooth or crown, to deprogram the masticatory muscles and take accurate centric relation records, and many more. In our Ultimate Occlusion One Program at Clinical Mastery we teach fabricating a Quicksplint and using it for deprogramming.

In this short video I will demonstrate how to make a Quicksplint. Click here to view.


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