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Top Things You Need to Do: Make the Most of Texas CE

We’ll be back in Texas this February to soak up learning on complex cases in a city that embodies the spirit of the West.

Join CMS in Dallas, Texas this February for our CE course Ultimate Occlusion 2.

Dallas is home to so many of the things that we call American: cowboys, sports, and skyscrapers. In only a few short weeks, the CMS team will be touching down in this northeastern Texan town.

Explore Complex Reconstructions With CMS in Texas

On February 10th through 12th, we’ll be hosting our popular follow up to the first course in our occlusion series, Ultimate Occlusion Level 2: Mastering Complex Cases. This 2.5 day hands-on course will be taught by Dr. John Nosti, Dr. Mike Smith, and Dr. Lee Ann Brady. Our trio of educators will bring you intensive learning on complex reconstructions, full mouth rehab, VDO, treatment planning, advanced case presentation skills, and more!

Why We Love Dallas, Texas: Best Places to Dream and Dine

We love visiting Dallas, Texas for a CE course.One of the reasons we chose Dallas to host another CE course is because it has so much heart. It’s grand and entertaining, large enough to provide a day of fun suited to a variety of different people’s interests.

In our last post on what to do in Dallas, we suggested iconic sights like the Dallas Museum of Art, Pioneer Plaza, the Giant Eyeball sculpture, and The Sixth Floor Museum at Dealey Plaza. We recommend these wholeheartedly again, but Dallas is a big place and there’s plenty more to see and enjoy!

Expand Your Mind

Embrace your inner child (or inner mad scientist) by visiting the stunning Perot Museum of Nature and Science. With a litany of fascinating exhibits, you can’t go wrong spending hours discovering more about our world and the universe.

Visit a historical cabin recreation in Dallas, Texas with CMSVisit a Piece of the Past

Take a quick jaunt over to the John Neely Bryan Cabin to catch a glimpse of what Dallas was like long before the modern age. Standing humbly amidst 21st century buildings is this log reconstruction of the home of Dallas’ founder.

Absorb Art and Culture

The Crow Collection of Asian Art offers a unique selection of inspiring and beautiful pieces. Prepare to be blown away by creations sourced from all over Asia.

Eat Like the Locals

We believe the best way to end a solid day of sightseeing is by enjoying delicious food and drinks with good people. In Dallas, one of the best and most popular restaurants is Flora Street Cafe. With delightful menu items like Lobster Tamale Pie and Texas Akaushi Wagyu Ribeye, you’re sure to have a wonderful time. We suggest booking a reservation for this joint.

Are you more of a ‘food & drink’ or ‘museum & sightseeing’ type of traveler (or both)? We’d love to hear from you in the comments!

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