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A Tack and Wave Cementation Process for Porcelain Veneers: Part 1

Cementation is a critical aspect of preparing and implementing porcelain veneers. Getting this process right is a combination of materials selection and case specificity to achieve solid results.

Cementation for porcelain veneersThroughout the appointment, it’s best to get feedback from the patient and assure a natural fit. This will lead to a clinically-sound final result that can last for years.

Procedure for Proper Cementation of Porcelain Veneers

The first step is to give anesthesia palatally so that the patient can fully move their maxillary lip and accurately judge the final ceramics. Remove the temporaries by placing a hemostat interproximally and lightly squeezing until they dislodge.

Once you’ve removed all temporaries, try in each veneer individually to ensure good fit with marginal integrity and then try them all in at once beginning at the central incisors. Confirm each contact and ensure the margins fit as well alone as they do all together. Then, use try in paste to see whether you want a warmer or brighter look.

Have the patient approve the veneer esthetics. After that, remove and clean the veneers with phosphoric acid. Place silane for 1 minute per restoration and allow it to dry. Place bonding agent in the internal aspect of each restoration and follow it with your chosen cement shade. Then place under a protective box to ensure the bonding and cement do not undergo polymerization.

Finally, place a rubber damn to isolate the arch. Utilize consepsis scrub to completely rinse and clean the preparations. This also removes undesirable contaminants that could have an impact on the strength of bonds. Place 35% phosphoric acid etch on the teeth for 15 seconds. Rinse and dry without desiccating the preparations. Place Systemp-D over the preps and blot to dry…

This procedure will be continued in Part 2 of this blog series on the Gold Dust Dental Lab blog.

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