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3 Powerful Success Strategies to Boost Your Dental Career in 2017

January is coming to an end and with it the discarding of many of our resolutions for 2017. To keep you motivated through February, we’ve put together three success strategies you can use to stick with your career goals and see positive growth in your dental practice.

Success depends on revitalizing your resolutions.Despite our best intentions on January 1st, the weeks that follow often leave us exhausted from the shock of climbing out of the holidays into regular life. All those career resolutions begin to look like a towering mountain you don’t have the strength to scale.

So how can you re-energize and re-focus? It’s simpler than you think: Revisit and revise your resolutions.

For the dentists who decided to make positive changes in their career, three strategies can get you closer to that goal.

Educate for Success

It’s impossible to grow and improve without looking honestly at your weak spots and purposefully filling them in. One way to do this is by making a pact with yourself to invest in education.

Have you really plumbed the depths of all there is to know about dentistry? Push yourself to expand your knowledge and try new things in 2017. What areas in your toolbox of skills could use refreshing? What processes and techniques are you unfamiliar with? It’s easy to get stuck in your bubble of dentistry. CE introduces you to the way others get the job done.

Post-grad learning can change your life by introducing you to possibilities you didn’t know existed. Choose to seek them out in 2017.

Team Build for Success

Personal development is vital, sure, but it’s also crucial to look outside of yourself. Doing so is an exercise in empathy that can only make you a better dentist.

Where could your relationship with your team use some propping up? Are the systems you’ve been using for years sluggish? Are people getting along and getting work done as efficiently as possible?

This year, promise yourself that you’ll bring your learning from CE back to your dental office. Even better, invite your team with you to a course where you can all learn how to interact more productively.

Change it Up for Success

Commit to following through with changes you’ve had in the works for longer than six months. Have you had that same item on your to-do list for what seems like an eternity? Every day, you procrastinate and push the task to some other point in the future when you have more energy or time.

Have you realized your practice would benefit from switching to a higher-quality dental lab? Is your technology getting old and needing to be replaced? Don’t wait any longer to set the wheels of change in motion.

Though it’s hard to see it when you’re in the midst of putting something off, being in action will ease your stress and give your work-life a boost.

What resolutions are you committed to keeping in 2017? Let us know your thoughts in the comments!

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