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6 Social Media Do’s and Don’ts for Marketing the Modern Dental Practice

Unsure if you should or shouldn’t be utilizing social media to market your dental practice

The truth is, most dentists don’t have the time or energy to manage multiple social media platforms to the same degree of success as a professional marketer would.

It can be done, though, so long as you accept that it functions more as a place future patients can find you online rather than a way to drum up lots of interest.

Most important to recognize is that quality should be your primary goal in setting up public dental practice profiles on platforms like Twitter and Facebook. They cannot be run as randomly and simply as your personal profiles.

6 Do’s and Don’ts of Dental Practice Social Media


Post only high quality photographs or graphics. Canva is a great place to make cheap graphic design pieces.


Post whenever you feel like it, based on the whims of how you’re feeling on any given day. Don’t snap a low-quality image of your staff and upload it immediately to a profile. Post on a scheduled basis, alternating between ‘look inside the practice,’ ‘events,’ ‘advice,’ and ‘promotional’ types of posts.


Edit for grammar and clarity of message. Typos and confusing sentences are fine on personal accounts but not on business ones.


Allow all team members in the office access to posting on the account. If you’re not the one who controls it, delegate the job to only one staff member.


Use the most effective platforms for your specific audience. Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter are plenty these days.


Use more than two hashtags per post, unless going for a comedic effect. Hashtags allow platforms to sort information, enabling people to search for more relevant content. It looks silly when there are too many and they have no relation to a common searchable or trending topic.

How do you market your dental practice? We’d love to hear from you in the comments!