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Are You Missing out on This Surprising Revenue Opportunity?

A surprising revenue opportunity!How do you take advantage of a remarkable revenue opportunity when you don’t know it exists?

The answer is: You don’t. 

by Dr. John Nosti

What you don’t know can hurt you when it comes to success and finances. Luckily, I’ve got you covered.

We’re all searching for that elusive satisfaction with our daily lives. Whether it be work, relationships, or simply the next Netflix show we should binge watch, most people are always looking for more.

Why do we assume our patients aren’t in the same boat?

Trust Me, They’re Not Satisfied

Common Denture Myth: Most patients are satisfied with their current prosthesis.

What researchers discovered in a 2012-2013 survey of denture wearers:

  • 48% of patients surveyed were unhappy with their prosthesis.
  • Only 5% were completely satisfied.
  • 77% would like to improve the comfort of their denture.
  • 49% would like to improve the appearance.

The survey revealed multiple different areas of dissatisfaction. Facial support, tooth position, the naturalness of gum tissue…

The Bottom Line: Each “not completely satisfied” is an opportunity for your dental practice to grow.

Add another revenue stream.How to Turn a Tremendous Opportunity into Revenue

About 40 million edentulous people live in the United States. Almost half of those people have been wearing the same one for over 10 years!

That’s a long time, even for huge investments like cars or rental homes.

Your patients are only human. They will invest in improvements, especially if they know they exist. Use tools like Ivoclar’s “More Than a Denture” patient website or various office resources to get them in the know.

My #1 Tip: Tell them to get a new one! It’s simple, seductive psychology. If someone shows you the sleek iPhone update, you’ll be tempted to get a new one, right? The same goes for dentures.

We’ve brought you the first two myths about denture patients. They could be younger than you expect and interested in more expensive options. What did you think of the third and final one? We’d love to hear your input in the comments!

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