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Why I Love Practicing Family Dentistry

I love family dentistry! And I mean it. If I were a specialist or a niche dentist that would involve basically a one-and-done type of relationship.

When ‘Have to’ Becomes ‘Get’: Practicing Family Dentistry

On loving family dentistryWith family dentistry I GET to cultivate meaningful long term relationships.

I GET to know people. I GET to establish rapport and trust. I have the opportunity to see the next generations as they grow and change. I am at that time in my practice life where I am seeing the children of the children that I saw when I started. With family dentistry, I GET to see kids (notice I did not say I HAVE to). I also GET to see geriatric patients.

There are a great deal of GET to’s. I GET to do buccal pits. I GET to do quadrant dentistry. I GET to do full mouth rehabs and cosmetic cases. And best of all, I get to be treated as a valued part of my patients’ lives over time. I get to know them, where they went on vacation, where their grandkids live. I get to have a larger patient base, which gives me the opportunity to get more opportunities to do the types of dentistry I want to do.

I decided a while back that I was going to change my thinking on the HAVE to’s and see the benefits and blessings of GETTING to. We get to practice dentistry. We do not have to. This distinction is all important. Align yourself with coming from abundance and the ‘get to’ type of mentality. The days go faster and the positive energy that you can harness from your patients can really put that spring in your step if you allow it.

How do you structure your practice and what do you love about? Please let us know your thoughts in the comments! 

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