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Holiday Roundup: Top 10 Posts of 2016

Now that the holidays are coming to a close and the New Year fast approaches, we decided it was the perfect time to look back on the best CMS blog posts of 2016!

It’s been a year of excitement, dramatic changes, and many successful CMS courses. We’ve enjoyed meeting so many new participants and encountering familiar faces. We traveled across the country to provide top clinical education and can’t wait to offer even more next year.

Before we move on to 2017, we’d like to take stock of some of the fantastic posts we’ve published here in 2016. It was a year of actionable advice, personal revelations, and critical thinking. Enjoy the review, we hope you discover some gems you might’ve missed!

We've compiled our best CMS blog posts of 2016!

Top 10 CMS Blog Posts of 2016

It was so hard to pick only 10 posts, but somehow we managed:

1. Removing The Guesswork From Dentures

One of our best clinical posts by Dr. Nosti, which started off the year on a high note by delving into the use of the Gothic Arch Tracer.

2. Why You Should Work With Your Patients On Appliance Therapy: Part 1

Dr. Brady’s first installment in a series on positive patient relationships and useful diagnostic practices.

3. Family Life and Opening a Dental Practice: Dr. Jason Olitsky

Dr. Olitsky answers questions about finding the difficult balance between home and work life as a dentist.

4. 5 Signs You’re Definitely A Dentist

A cheeky take on the ridiculous, relatable, and hilarious attributes most dentists share.

5. Wear or Attrition? How do You Make the Call

Another solid clinical overview from Dr. Brady, providing actionable advice for wear or attrition cases.

6. Cancer Survivor Case Study: Denture Rehab for Missing Teeth

This post blends an inspiring story with a successful treatment planning approach to give readers an inside look into Dr. Nosti’s practice.

7. CMS in Everyday Dentistry: How to Create a Strong Temporary Bridge

Dr. Catalano broke onto the blog scene with a somewhat controversial and incredibly useful post that ignited our community of readers with questions and curiosity.

8. How You Feel at Different Stages of Your Dental Career

Blending humor with honest insight, this post is a snappy overview of what it’s like to be a dentist at the many turning points in a career.

9. Fighting Indifference in the Dental Profession

Dr. Brady explains why she believes caring and professional satisfaction are necessary for the future of dentistry.

10. Find A Patient’s Why Through the Power of Great Questions

Rounding out the year’s Top 10 is a post by CMS Executive Director Jenn Janicki. She clarifies the significance of questions that can be game-changers in your practice.

What was your favorite CMS blog post of 2016? Let us know your thoughts in the comments!