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Why Your Dental Practice Blog Must Be Relevant to Real Readers

Creating an effective dental practice blog comes down to two important factors: readability and relevance.

Why your dental practice blog needs to be relevant. In our last post on dental blogging, we explained why it’s harmful to think only in terms of SEO value. We also delved into the process of making a blog more readable. Readability depends on proper use of subheadings, white space, and concise writing.

A high quality blog post cannot just be easy to read though. The written content itself must be engaging, useful, and appropriate to the audience. The sum total of blog posts for a dental practice must be varied in topic but follow common themes. Thus, they need to be ‘relevant’ to each other and to the blog as a whole.

This post explores the idea of relevance. How can you make your posts more relevant to readers and why is this so essential to success?

Enhancing Your Dental Practice Blog

Make It Relevant

Posting content on a regular basis is one of the greatest challenges you’ll face. Posting ‘good’ content regularly is even more challenging. One way to make content ‘good’ is to start from a solid understanding of what topics are most relevant to your brand and business.

Relevance is a simple idea that revolves around the implementation of appropriate categories and organizing posts into these categories. This also helps with planning and scheduling content.

Use Categories

For example, a dental practice might want to start with three basic categories:

  1. Practice News/Events
  2. Success Stories
  3. Common Dental Questions/Patient Resources

There’s no need to go overboard with the number of categories. You can add different ones that are more specific to the treatments/services you offer.

When you have an idea or are creating a content schedule, ask whether or not the information you plan to post is applicable to your chosen categories. Ask whether or not your audience will actually find it useful. This improves the likelihood that people will enjoy reading and later return to your blog.

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