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Why Dental Photography is the Most Important Step in Case Presentation

Humans are visual creatures, which is why without good photos it’s hard to sell your patients a case large or small. Visual treatment planning is critical if you want to get patients to say yes to your case presentation.

We’ve all had that awful experience in the consultation room where we put everything we can into convincing the patient, yet their body language only becomes less and less receptive to our input. So how can we avoid this?

Dental photography is a must! Not only do you need to leverage your skills with the camera though, you also have to arrange the images and choose which ones will sell your purpose the most effectively.

Using Dental Photography for Case Presentation

Dental Photography for Case Presentation and AcceptanceTo guide patients toward a decision that will benefit their health, use visual treatment plans. Choose a template that enables you or your team to insert high quality pre-op photos and other important details from overall case fee to the discussed treatment plan (in terms they understand).

As we all know from sitting in on presentations and meetings, the text is important, but it doesn’t do the real talking. Images are everything. That’s why you should have exquisite pre-op photos that do just as much to communicate why the patient needs the treatment as your pitch and treatment description.

Seeing is believing for many patients. If you have a clear, professional image of their teeth that supports your diagnosis and treatment plan, they’ll immediately be able to visualize the changes they hope to see.

It’s also helpful if you circle in red the problem areas that might be more subtle. Always remember that the patient is not seeing the image like a dentist sees it. All they know is not Hollywood smile v. Hollywood smile.
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