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4 Successful Dental Cases to Inspire You This Week

We all need a little pick me up once in a while, a chance to be inspired by other people’s work. That’s why social media has flourished! In the spirit of inspiring you to achieve and enjoy your dental career, we’ve put together four dental cases from Gold Dust Dental Lab here.

These cases range from full mouth rehabilitation to smile design. Read on to see beautiful photos and an inside look into other clinicians’ workflow in the following dental cases.

4 Inspirations From Dental Cases


1. How to Meet Patient Goals and Establish Function Simultaneously

Dr. John Nosti’s patient wanted to address the poor aesthetics of her case while preventing further wear, but she couldn’t afford to do all of her treatment at once. Dr. Nosti treatment planned to increase vertical dimension slightly off of the maxillary 10 units.


2. Timing of Case Acceptance for Full Mouth Rehabilitation Treatment

Dr. Mike Smith’s patient wanted to lengthen teeth and regain his ability to smile. The patient had severe anterior wear, slide avoidance, and had lost all anterior guidance. The patient was deprogrammed and his final position was raised 3+mm. Empress Esthetic restorations were fabricated on the maxillary teeth.Dental Cases

3. Predictable and Beautiful Smile Design Relies on Balance

Dr. Jonathan Golab used sound principles of smile design to create a fantastic clinical result for his patient. He followed a checklist including width to height ratios (ideal .75:1) and gingival architecture (tissue symmetry, ideal zeniths and shapes where possible) to create a predictable and beautiful outcome.

4. Treatment Planning and Occlusion When Parafunction Exists

Dr. Eric Rouah treated a patient who wanted a cosmetic enhancement to correct the erosion and wear he was experiencing. The patient was fitted with a deprogramming release appliance that he wore for several weeks. Dr. Rouah created a restorative treatment plan, in which he prescribed a 20 unit wax-up anticipating 1mm of gingival reduction and opening of VDO.

What type of dentistry inspires you the most?