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Live Patient Over the Shoulder Full Mouth Reconstruction | Weekend 1

As part one of a two weekend, 4 day course, Dr. John Nosti successfully took a group of doctors through diagnosis,  treatment planning and preparation of a Full Mouth Reconstruction. Participants were able to learn side by side and hands on, experiencing the process as if they were treating the patient themselves. It was a terrific group of doctors who came from the midwest, southeast and northeast sections of the United States, all to learn from a master in complex advanced restorative dentistry. This program is give twice per year and is limited to 15 doctors. This unique learning experience is like no other in dental continuing education.

Meet the full mouth reconstruction patient:

Joanne was prepped for a combination of e.Max crowns and veneers, following hard and soft tissue laser recontouring.

Patient's laterals
Patient’s provisional restorations
Full Mouth Reconstruction
Patient with provisionals, immediate post-prep

Participants will join Dr. John Nosti again for part two on October 10th and 11th in Englewood Cliffs, NJ to cement and perform case finishing. Make sure to check back for updates on the cementation process and final results! 


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