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5 Things Dentists Love and Can’t Live Without

What do dentists love more than anything else? 

Dentists love a lot of things, namely dental bling!Love is in the air. Or at least in the very recent past. The Targets and Walmarts of the world are putting out their extraneous leftover hordes of discounted Valentine’s Day candy, bidding a regretful goodbye to the heart-shaped frenzy of February 14th. But here at CMS, we’re not quite over the romantic season yet.

In honor of St. Valentine, we’re celebrating our affection for all things dental by putting together a list of the things dentists love! The “can’t live without” part might be a stretch…

5 Things Dentists Love

1. Dental Bling

Significant others and erstwhile online dates aren’t the only ones who like special gifts unique to their interests. Dentists love all things reminiscent of teeth and not just in a cheesy way either: chocolates and candy shaped like teeth, lips, and smiles, dental artwork, sculptures, pencil holders, smile quotes. Oh man, don’t even get us started on smile quotes. There are entire twitter feeds devoted to the likes of, “A smile is [fill in the blank].”

2. Ideal Tooth Proportion & No GUMS!

Whether it’s a random stranger or a friend of a friend, there’s nothing finer than the appearance of a shining, perfectly proportioned smile. The sight of a smile with no gingival display is enough to make any DDS get down on one knee. The question they’re wondering: Who is your dentist?

3. Gadgets or Gizmos

Almost every dentist has a storage unit for all the technology they’ve bought over the years and discarded. Dentists love the latest tech they can use to work more efficiently at the practice or simply have a snappier professional experience. Whether it works or not.

4. A Full Waiting Room

There are few things a dentist loves more profoundly than the prospect of new patients. All dentists want new patients. Even the ones whose schedules are booked solid can’t help their abiding love for a new face in the office.

5. Vacations

Dentists adore dentistry, that much is obvious. But sometimes, it’s those we care for the most who can get on our nerves in equal proportion. Dentists need a break from their star-crossed passion, which is why vacationing away from dentistry is something they hold dear. Invariably, they end up diagnosing the hotel concierge’s teeth, but c’est la vie.

What do you love most about dentistry? We’d love to hear your thoughts in the comments! 

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