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5 Must Know Facts about the Clinical Mastery Series

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It’s that time again … registration for dental continuing education is needed and feelings of trepidation and angst begins to creep in. You realize you are inundated with course options, rethinking you’re previous stance on having options: more is always better. Do not despair!! 5 quick facts about the Clinical Mastery Series, and your decision will become just as clear, simple, and motivating to you as the education style you desire.

1) Educators are relatable – Every instructor of the Clinical Mastery Series maintains a full time practice, where they come across daily the same types of cases, trials and successes that are experienced by their audience. Currently, many education continuums are lead by instructors who no longer practice, work full time managing their faculty of practicing dentists or, practice on a very limited basis. The massive amount of commonalities between speaker and attendee within their day to day lives, provides an undeniably comfortable learning environment with an incredible foundation for organic style lecturing.

2) Cost Effective – Continuing Education should do just that, continue you’re journey. There is nothing worse than setting your pocket book back to continue your educational journey. As practicing dentistry professionals ourselves, we understand that and proudly provide courses that are much more cost effective for today’s dentists.

3) Taking your Dentistry to the next level – That can mean different things for every dentist. Whether you are itching to learn those new photography techniques you’ve heard raved about on, or you desire to refresh and expand your knowledge on foundational yet complex topics such as Occlusion, our courses will exceed you and your wallet’s expectations! There are no ‘filler’ classes with Clinical Mastery, just effective, applicable and exciting education.

4) Vacation Atmosphere – The Clinical Mastery Series strives to make the most out of the time and money that you put in to furthering your education. That is why we strategically plan our locations either near your region, or located within a desirable travel location that is enjoyable for attendees. Whether you are planning to attend solo or with your team, fun will be had by all and you won’t want to miss out!

5) Continued Contact – Our education team’s unique teaching style provides a relaxed learning environment, rich with immediately applicable education and void of egos. During the course, if you have questions, we have answers. We believe the aspect of mentoring should not end at the course, as it so commonly does with many education programs. To combat that, the Clinical Mastery Series has developed a network to ensure you’re success continues well beyond the course’s end. Whether you’d like to discuss material usage, treatment planning, techniques, or that one burning occlusal question you had forgotten to ask during the course, our team welcomes your questions!

Continuing Education should be about more than just credits. We look forward to meeting you!!