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4 Actionable Ways to Beat the Summer Slump and Use Free Time

Summer means long days and hotter temperatures. For dentists, it also tends to coincide with a decrease in appointments, less cases, and more free time.

Summer is the perfect time to work on your dental practice business.You’d think this might be seen as a good thing (so long as it’s not so radical as to affect your average desired revenue). But as dentists and hard workers, a sudden influx of empty hours can make us go insane. We end up bored and dejected, wishing for the insanity of a full schedule.

Instead of bemoaning this change, you can use it to your advantage. A concept that might help you in this regard is understanding the difference between working at your business and working on your business.

Here are four suggestions you can use to make the best of extra time and ensure a flourishing practice.

4 Ways to Fill Free Time in the Summer

1. Review or Implement New Systems

In our recent interview with Dr. Nosti, he explains that, “having a set of systems allows you to be more consistent in your daily practice, including when problems arise.” If your systems have been lacking or need updating, devote yourself to the task so that you’ll have them in place when business picks up in the Fall.

2. Update Your Vision or Mission Statement

To truly succeed, you must have a cohesive vision and mission. Over the years, your practice or your perspective may have changed, which means you could need to refresh these tenants of a clear business outlook. Summer is the perfect time to do so.

3. Reach Out to Other Dentists

You’re not alone in these doldrum days that affect practicing dentists. Take the opportunity of a less hectic schedule to reach out to other dentists in your area and online to preserve connections or learn something new.

4. Try a New Marketing Approach

Are there patients who have fallen off the hygiene wagon that you could activate with a reminder or a marketing effort? Consider offering complimentary teeth whitening to patients who haven’t come in for hygiene.

Get creative and find new ways to make your business the best it can be.

How do you fill up your free time in June, July, and August? We’d love to hear from you in the comments!