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4 Inspirational Dental Cases: Restoration, Veneers, Ectodermal Dysplasia

Dentistry has its ups and downs, depending on our own confidence level or recent patient challenges. From comprehensive cases to simple cosmetic procedures, the emotional work put into giving patients a healthier and more beautiful smile can be extremely tiring. That’s why we’ve devised this little pick me up! Read on for four inspirational dental cases that span considerations of function, esthetics, and patient goals:

4 Inspirational Dental Cases

1. Meeting a Patient’s Esthetic Desires and Financial Considerations

inspirational dental cases

Dr. Mike Maroon’s patient had diastemas between his laterals with rotation, but also had to contend with a limited budget. Instead of throwing in the towel or pushing pricey treatment on the patient, Dr. Maroon worked with what he had. Teeth #7 and #10 were fabricated in Ivoclar IPS Empress Esthetic material. The result was a beautiful smile on a budget.

2. Esthetic Results With No Prep Veneers

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In this case, the patient had a conservative outlook for treatment. She wanted to even out the color of her smile and overall create a more uniform appearance for her teeth without removing existing tooth structure. These goals were accomplished by treatment planning teeth #4-13 and not placing a margin or finish line. Empress Esthetic veneers were created by Gold Dust Dental Lab in the 020 bleach shade.

3. Restoring Deterioration, Discoloration, and Confidence

inspirational dental cases

Dr. Wes Booker had a significant challenge on his hands with this case. His patient disliked the appearance of the metal collar on the existing PFM crown #12. She also wanted to remove the band of Tetracycline discoloration and remedy deterioration of incisal edges of the maxillary central incisors. Check out the case write-up for all the treatment details!

4. Treating Ectodermal Dysplasia With a Tooth Width Proportion Formula

four inspirational cases

Our final inspirational case is a doozie. CMS educator Dr. Chris Catalano embarked on treating ectodermal dysplasia with ortho and a tooth width proportion formula. Click the link to see how he achieved success.

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